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The 7-Figure Scale Collective

The Only Boutique Mastermind For Fashion and Lifestyle e-commerce founders.


Are you tired of trying to figure everything out on your own? Do you want someone you can talk to one-on-one to tell you what to do next?

Do you feel you've done ALL of the courses (and know you don't need another)?

Are you tired of spending thousands each month on expensive ad agencies and experts who don’t look at your entire business (and really aren’t that invested in your success)?

Sound like you?  Read on...

For less than the cost of your monthly ads agency, 7-Figure Scale Collective will give you expert coaching and personalised one-on-one support across all areas of your business.

The 7-Figure Scale Collective is for you if:

  • You are currently making between $5k - $10k a month in revenue.
  • You have a quality product and customers that have been with you from the start.
  • You want to scale your sales so that you can invest in systems and help and step more into the CEO role of your business (rather than the underpaid gopher)
  • You wish someone could tell you exactly what to do to scale to multiple 6 or 7-figures.

The 7-Figure Scale Collective is a high-touch, small-group Mastermind for fashion and lifestyle e-commerce founders ready to scale to million-dollar years.

The Mastermind is for you if you are looking for:

Significant Business Growth

Expert Guidance and Support

Personalised 1:1 Coaching

Strategic Marketing Advice

Amber scaled her sales by 2,900% to a million dollars a year (in less than 12 months)

I was struggling to be seen and making a humble 25K per year online before I enlisted the help of the best coach I have ever come across in the eccom space, Jodie Minto.

I have now achieved the unbelievable goal of becoming a 7 figure business in just under 12 months of studying with her! .. Yes, that stuff can really happen!  This was only achievable by having expert coaching from Jodie who has guided me step by step in how to effectively advertise on Facebook and set professional goals and strategies in place.

I hesitated for over a year before I took the leap to study with Jodie and only wish I had done it sooner… and not wasted my time & money on many other courses that got me nowhere.

Learning from someone who has been there and done it themselves and understands every facet of owning your own label and online store just makes sense.

Jodie has the amazing ability to explain technical, creative and most importantly the balance of growth and scaling to help you achieve your goals and not reach burnout…

Jodie Minto is the Real Deal.. a passionate and patient coach who truly cares for her students and wants them to win.. and the best part, she shares the “secrets” of the industry and how to be successful that others are so often tight lipped about.  An authentic and transparent coach that truly knows her stuff.. I owe a great deal to Jodie for setting me on the right path… finally!

If you're willing to learn, put in the work and take action then I Highly Highly Recommend joining the Mastermind!

Amber, Designer & Owner - Ladies fashion brand

What you get

1:1 Coaching Calls

Weekly small-group coaching calls 

Advanced Facebook Ads coaching and support

Monthly Klaviyo Audits with our in-house email marketing expert

Access to guest experts, our masterclass library, how-to videos

A Private Facebook Community and annual face-to-face retreats

Get the strategies, coaching and support you need to scale your e-commerce sales to 7-figures.


The 7-Figure Scale Collective includes:

One-on-one with Jodie:

  • A tailored business audit on joining
  • A customised 90-day strategy based on your audit results 
  • Regular one-on-one sessions with Jodie (Monthly or every second month, depending on your chosen package)
  • Strategy and mentoring across your entire business
  • Done-with-you marketing support - add me to your Klaviyo, Shopify, Google Ads, Analytics and other systems, which we will review regularly on your 1:1 calls
  • Emergency access to me via email

Group inclusions:

  • Weekly small group coaching sessions with me every week to:
    - Review your data
    - Check your Facebook ad results - (I'm inside your Facebook ad account alongside you)
    - Offer strategy and advice on what to do next
  • Access to expert support coaches (Klaviyo, branding, Google Analytics, to name a few)
  • Regular guest expert masterclasses to stay ahead of the latest strategies
  •  A supportive, private Facebook community with other e-commerce founders

What we cover

Facebook Ads

Leadership & Team

Email Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation


Google Ads & SEO

Product, Inventory / Collection Strategy

Founder & Operations


Hey, I'm Jodie

I'm a 7-figure fashion founder, certified digital marketer and Meta Ads specialist, wife, Mum, and podcast host based on the sunny Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

Eight years ago, I was living in the Middle East with my husband and two young children. I loathed my full-time corporate job because I was burnt out and exhausted, and everything felt hopeless.

Then on a trip to Australia, I spotted women wearing stunning summer kimonos. Suddenly I had a vision of creating a fusion between East and West, creating designs that married the Arabic abaya and Japanese kimono.

And so, my eCommerce journey began. I founded iland co. and began selling at local markets.  My kimonos sold well and I knew my business had potential. But I was still working my full-time job and it was time to take a leap of faith.

So that’s what I did. I set up an online store and started making my business dream a reality.

And then guess what? I didn’t make a single sale. I quickly realised that traffic and sales don’t come just because you press ‘publish’ on your website and run a few social media posts. (So unfair!!)

So, I began researching and studying everything I could about eCommerce, digital marketing, copywriting, social media and Facebook Ads – I couldn’t get enough!

I sought the help of international fashion industry experts. I hired a business coach and I attended a million conferences and masterminds. I was determined to make it work.

Then I tested different strategies, learning the hard way with a lot of trial and error. I wasted time on the wrong things. And I wasted money on many things that didn’t work.

Then I realised ...

eCommerce is a numbers game: and that only 1 - 3% of website visitors were likely to convert.  I soon understood that it was the lack of traffic, not my products that was the problem. And then I discovered Facebook Ads and I've never looked back!

Facebook and Instagram Ads became my new superpower.  I learnt how to manage my own ads account, by adopting the latest strategies and tactics. Finally traffic and sales began to grow.

(I can still remember having my first $5K month. I was so excited – my hours and hours of hard work were beginning to pay off.)

My Facebook Ads brought in consistent traffic and amazing returns on my investment. My website visitors were adding to their carts like nobody’s business.

Plus the branding, customer service, and user experience work I had put in was leading to glowing reviews - which encouraged others to buy.

I had cracked the ads code...

I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched my sales hit $10K, then $20K, $50K, $100K, $170K and more.

It hasn’t been an easy journey, but I couldn’t be prouder of my achievements, and I recently sold my eCommerce business for a great return.

And I want all this for you.

That’s why I created eComm Ads Academy to help you easily, confidently and quickly use the power of paid social media ads to create the lifestyle you dream of.

Behind the scenes of iland co. my successful e-commerce business  

Jodie has been featured in...

Some of Jodie's recent awards & certifications

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Who is The 7-Figure Scale Collective for?

  • Dedicated e-commerce fashion and lifestyle founders who are 100% committed to their success
  • Online store owners already doing a minimum of $5k to $10k+ a month in revenue but are looking to scale (and fast)
  • Women founders who are prepared to do the work and implement new strategies (no one can do it for you)

Sound like you?  Apply today.

Who is it not for?

  • Your store isn’t yet doing $5k in revenue a month
  • You are new to e-commerce (check out my other programs here)
  • Your business is more of a side hustle, not your full-time career
  • You've never run Facebook ads in your business before

If you aren’t quite there yet, don’t worry—I have other programs that can help you reach $10k months here.

Previous Mastermind Participants


What's the Mastermind like?

What's it like working with Jodie?

"I've been working with Jodie since 2020. The mastermind has been a very natural progression.

Not only do we get to pick her brains in a small and intimate group, getting to know the others members has been really lovely. Such a diverse range of other business owners and hearing the questions that others have really piques my interest and sometimes uncovers area's of our business we need to delve into.

My most valued part of the mastermind though is that Jodie brings other subject matter experts in on various topics. She understands the different facets of business and really works to offer a well rounded group. If she sees that we are all having a similar issue then she uses her contacts to help not just one but all of us."

Jane Robertson - Millwoods Shoes

"Jodie's mastermind class has been a game-changer for my business growth journey. With her first-hand experience in e-commerce and a deep understanding of business strategies, she's provided invaluable insights that have propelled my business forward in ways I never imagined.

In just four weeks, I've seen a remarkable 30% increase in my average order, thanks to her expertise in ads, marketing, and overall business acumen. I

f you're looking to scale your business and uncover its full potential, Jodie's mastermind class is an absolute must!"

Gemma Brennan - Confetti Kidz

"Jodie has been a mentor and business coach of mine for many years. I owe much of the success of my 7-figure business to her business experience, expertise and knowledge.

Jodie shares her insights to benefit others who she takes under her wing, in a warm, personalised and caring way.

I encourage other business owners to engage with Jodie and learn of the many ways to reach the heights of owning a successful business."

Jane M, Luxury Pet Brand

"Joining Jodie's mastermind group has been nothing short of transformative for me and my business. Before joining, I was struggling with motivation and direction, feeling like I was stuck in a rut and unsure how to move forward. However, since becoming a part of this incredible community, I've experienced a remarkable shift in my mindset and approach.

Jodie's wealth of knowledge in the online space is simply unparalleled, and what sets her apart is her willingness to share everything she knows without holding back. From understanding the intricacies of Facebook ads to uncovering the inner workings of various systems, I've had numerous breakthroughs that have propelled my business forward.

One of the most significant changes I've noticed is the newfound confidence I have in my ability to make my business thrive. With Jodie's guidance, I've developed a clearer plan of action and have gained invaluable insights into how to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jodie's mastermind to any woman who owns an online store, whether they're just starting out or aiming to scale their business, or if you're feeling stuck and in need of guidance or simply seeking a supportive community to help you achieve your goals, Jodie's mastermind is the perfect place to be."

Egidia - Gigi & Co

"I first came across Jodie through a Facebook ad for a free webinar. I joined up and she opened the call with I make xx amount of money online through my fashion business per year. I hated going to markets so I had to make online sales work.

In the first couple of weeks of working together, utilising a bunch of strategies my online traffic improved by 164%. My Revenue increased by 447.47% and my average dollar order increased by 45.99%

I have now been working with Jodie for 2.5 months, during this time my online traffic (compared to before working with Jodie) has improved 960.7%, my revenue by1215.03% and my average dollar order continues to sit at an improved rate of 45%.

Jodie has been an epic mentor. She is especially good at the practical application of FB ads, traffic generation and customer nurturing.
I am thoroughly enjoying working with her!

Deb, Stoked NZ

"I can honestly say I have no idea where I'd be with my business today if I didn't have the guidance, help and advise that I've received through working with Jodie.

I jumped into the e-commerce world with my eyes wide shut. I really had no idea quite what I had gotten myself into once I started Jodie's course and realized all I didn't know! Before I started with Jodie I had some ideas of where I wanted the business to head, but there was not a clear strategy. I now have that.

Jodie offers real advice and actions that you can implement in your business immediately. Her course and information is really easy to follow. 

With Jodie's help I've been able to implement clear marketing strategies, align my pricing structure, grow my customer base, increase my product offering and website traffic and plan how to scale my business. I have quadrupled my email list and increased my social media following by 300%.

It's been invaluable to be a part of a group of like minded women to share your wins/frustrations with."

Fiona Webb-Johnston, Managing Director Kardia

“I was searching for the next step in business growth and wanted to find an e-commerce fashion expert to help me. 

I was told Jodie Minto is the one to contact.

Jodie specialised in Facebook ads and not only implemented ads for Louise M but ensured I was confident to create and monitor ads myself.

Jodie’s calm friendly approachable manner, along with her methodical planning and willingness to share her extensive knowledge was exactly what I needed.

It was also valuable having the opportunity to connect with other online clients that Jodie was working with to learn from their challenges and successes. 

I highly recommend you contact Jodie today to get started!”

Louise Matson, Founding Director - Louise M Shoes

I have been working through Jodie's online course and participated in her Mastermind program for the past 6 months. Her expertise and guidance has made a huge difference to my business.

I knew I had a fabulous product, but I had no idea how to sell it or get the brand out there! With Jodie's help, Ellenny Swim has been extremely successful for a startup business. Jodie is really patient and knowledgeable about Facebook Ads and marketing as well as loads of other business related things.

As well as being really supportive, her knowledge and teaching skills are amazing. She is patient and kind and will help explain everything as much as is needed.

Megan - Elleny Swim

"Hands down the best business investment I have made. I knew I had a good product but I struggled to reach my target market to make sales.

With Jodie on board I went from $1500 to $36,000 per month in just over 5 months.

Jodie shares her extensive knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, Direct Marketing and associated apps and tools in a delightfully easy manner to understand and apply.

I thoroughly endorse Jodie and her Mastermind program.”

Highly Satisfied Mastermind Participant, January 2020

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